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M I Logistix -
Logical Tech Solutions

The Team behind M I Logistix have been creating solutions for many clients for the best part of over half a decade.

We have helped setup and optimize many businesses giving them an edge over the competition with the use of our automation and integration expertise. 

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Here are some cases we worked on

Case # 1


Industry: Service

A startup business approached us looking for an all-inclusive solution to streamline their operations. We devised systems to encompase: 

  1. Hassle-free bookings
  2. Automation in report generation from already input data.
  3. Dynamic system to automate navigation & calender entries to  locations based on the booking info 
  4. Security of data was paramount.
  5. Bespoke software to facilitate the client’s requirements.
  6.  White-labeled input forms
  7. Remote Collaboration through Cloud Tech


This system allowed the client to effectively work and establish themselves safely through the very dynamic times of the global pandemic.   

Case # 2


Industry: Manufacturing

An established business involved in manufacturing, approached us for a dynamic solution to be able to help them calculate and manage their stock levels. After thorough consultations to understand the most optimum system to deploy we devised a system  capable of the following: 

  1. Future proof stock system 
  2. QR codes to condense information.
  3. Provisional stock amounts nearing completion as an aggregate to their actual stock.
  4. Bespoke Calculators, enabling visual of their optimum levels and hypothetical simulations to variable changes.  
  5.  White-labeled input forms
  6. Collaboration through Cloud Tech
  7. Sales system which integrated to the Stock system.
  8. Training 
  9. Bespoke backend Database. 

Case # 3


Industry: Trade

An internationally trading business approached us looking for a dynamic solution to be able to help them keep track of their orders and to integrate the systems we devise to integrate to their website, reducing repetitive data entry. After understanding their structure and how they envision to grow we designed a system which: 

  1. Future proof system to globally grow as they grew.
  2. QR codes systems 
  3. Quote Calculators automating a lot of work.
  4. Permissions on content
  5. Embedded input forms
  6. Collaboration and communication through Cloud Tech
  7. A parallel sales system which integrated payroll reports, bonus calc report.
  8. Training 
  9. Multiple Bespoke Backend Databases  

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